mercoledì 3 giugno 2009


School Says Yoga Is Key To Calm Babies & Toddlers

Imagine finding the one thing that would make your baby sleep longer or your toddler calmer. A North Texas pre-school tells CBS station KTVT-TV the answer is 'baby yoga'.

Yoga has long been popular with adults. Now babies in Allen are exploring the practice at school. Three year-old Mitchell Pultz loves his yoga time. His mom, Lindsay, says "He's calmer when he comes home he is just relaxed it relaxes him".
The Goddard School in Allen, a private pre-school, offers classes with their focus on education. "The advantages are basically stretching out the muscles and getting them able to move," Goddard School worker Holly McCauley explained.

Every day, for about 15 minutes, the kids practice their poses. School owner Amanda Snowman believes, "It can help with math issues, with regards to a five-point star [yoga standing pose] talking about math. We can talk about imagination. W can work on balance. We can work on their flexibility".

From postures to breathing techniques, preschools are stretching like a dog, doing the downward dog, or the sitting mountain.

Parents, like Stephanie Baack, say they're seeing a difference at home with their children. "I think it relaxes him and I think it's awesome that he comes home and every day he had a new yoga pose that he likes to tell me," she said.

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